Skolos-Wedell: ON Collaboration

One evening. One theme. One inspiring conversation. The ON series invites leaders in design, art and beyond to share their perspectives on their favorite topics in a one-night-only, face-to-face format—challenging audiences to think about key dimensions of design and creativity in new ways. Events range from large-scale lectures to more intimate talks, guided by the styles of the speakers and topics of discussion.

About Skolos-Wedell
The husband-and-wife team of Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell work to diminish the boundaries between graphic design and photography—creating collaged three-dimensional images influenced by cubism, technology and architecture. With a home/studio halfway between Boston and Providence they balance their commitments to professional practice and teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design. The studio’s work has received numerous awards and has been widely published and exhibited. Skolos/Wedell’s posters are included in the graphic design collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem and the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich, Switzerland. Skolos is an elected member of the Allliance Graphique Internationale.