CreativeMornings Chicago: Language with Jenna Blazevich

January's global theme is "Language", so we're celebrating the love of letters with Jenna Blazevich, a letterer, designer and calligrapher who works under the moniker, Vichcraft. Her go-getter spirit, incredible talent for hand lettering and passion to help others through workshops are just a few reasons why we love Jenna.

Jenna develops identity work for her clients, which range from large corporate brands to small businesses. Aside from client work, her passion projects include instructing oblique calligraphy nationwide, building stained glass pieces, and creating paper collage and experimental lettering work. She earned her Bachelor of Design: Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago, although she began her design education at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in fashion design. Her background in textiles and pattern-making using tangible materials continues to inform her approach as a graphic designer and artist.